This conference is a true meeting of the minds: Innovation Cubed: Network Building, Culture, and Tools

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In a business world that increasingly moves faster than the speed of thought, it is essential for competitive businesses to adopt an active and efficient idea pipeline. The ideas that lead to innovation can often be found outside of your company’s traditional routes for soliciting and developing ideas. Strategies ranging from broad internal and external crowdsourcing efforts to tap a large pool of thinkers to highly targeted open innovation, utilizing the expertise of highly trained external inventors, are used to connect the ideation work that companies use to develop new products and innovate business processes.

WRG’s Innovation Cubed: Network Building, Culture and Tools Summit brings together top innovation executives from the world’s leading companies to discuss how they’ve leveraged their internal and external networks to maximize the flow of actionable ideas, attracting the best talent while minimizing noise and efficiently handling complex IP issues.



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