My New Take on The Shining Sounds Sort of Like Barny Stinson’s take on The Karate Kid – The Hotel is the Good Guy.

I spent much of last week distractedly reading this review of “The Shining”.

I recommend reading the whole thing, but given much guidance from that reviewer, I recognized that in the second, more symbolically told narrative, the hotel is actually an entity for good.

I base it on the following premises, all supported by the analysis linked to above:

Danny has been horribly, unspeakably abused his whole life by his father, while his mother turned a blind eye.  At the Overlook, the situation devolves to a point where Danny is able to lure his father into chasing him out into the maze, where he freezes to death. Remember, that his parents call him “Doc” and he watches Roadrunner cartoons several times throughout the movie – his revenge/escape from the cycle of abuse takes the form of a Roadrunner/Bugs Bunny vs. the Coyote confrontation. The hotel is instrumental in allowing this to happen.

In the overt narrative, a sad, down on their luck family goes to the hotel and their lives slowly devolve into a horrific tragedy. In the secondary narrative, a boy with a horrifically tragic life situation goes to the hotel and successfully fights back against his tormentor using his own superpowers which are enhanced and guided by the hotel.

But if you really want to see the fascinating symbols and details that support this thesis, take the time to read the review I linked to above – that guy did some major homework on this.  If anyone wants to discuss this or any other Kubrick at length, please let me know!


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