It’s the Eve of March 23 – 23 is the Official Number of Reading into Things

There is nothing I love more than depth. Not that a good surface story isn’t valuable, but nothing sucks me in like hidden meanings. And on the 23rd of the month, I’m reminded of the 23 Enigma – the idea that our minds will find truth wherever we look for it.  That may or may not be true, but regardless, I love the endless maze of looking for deeper meanings when multiple interpretations are possible.

I first heard about this idea a few years ago when I read the greatest book ever, and subsequently noticed that the Lost finale was aired on an different time slot than usual (Sunday, 5/23 instead of it’s usual Tuesday – note that “5” is 2+3). Also, in the Lost finale, the gang sits at a table marked 23, and in the show at large, Jack is number 23 in the number series.

Anyway, I bring the idea of excessive analysis because a few weeks back, I became absorbed in this guy’s reviews of Stanley Kubrick films. The most amazing thing about my analysis here is that I was able to reduce it to six paragraphs – if you’ve spoken to me for more than five minutes since I revisited the films earlier this watch, you probably heard an endless rant.

Now the writer, Rob Ager, has a new, live blog.  Given what he was able to read into the Kubrick flicks, I’m eager to take a peak at what movies are inspiring him to look for meaning. Here’s a clue:

Despicable Me and Wall E have enough overlapping themes to each justify at least a ten chapter analysis. I won’t go into detail here, but if you’re into film analysis then I highly recommend you get hold of a copy of each and study them.

My son Jackson is a little young for these flicks. But he’s not yet two and a half, and I’ve already watched the Wizard of Oz several dozen times, so I’m glad for a heads up as to some films that call for multiple viewings on my part down the road.


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