Obviously, the Solution is a Slew of Bruce Springsteen Concerts

Magic - both the Bruce Springsteen and Olivia Newton John song apply to Xanadu

Xanadu sure is ugly – I wrote extensively about the bidding process for this behemouth when I used to cover the Meadowlands area.  But this New York Times Article buries what I find to be the only important statement about the building’s appearance down in the fifth paragraph of the intro, and the second to last quote – from David Jansen of Adamson Associates, one of the architects who designed the structure. *

“What you see there was meant to be the backdrop, never the foreground. It was always intended to be another layer on the outside — LEDs, signage, landscaping, metal mesh and other elements.”

Shouldn’t the fact that what you see now was never meant to be seen after the building was completed have mitigated the comments about the building’s appearance?

In other words, this could – and should – be an interesting story about the economy and what has to happen for the building to become profitable and get some businesses in there. Instead, the story focus just provides a framework for an incongruent façade of opinions – which, I guess is sort of symbolic of what Xanadu is right now.

* If anyone has a print or cached version of this story please forward it to me. I wrote this on Friday, and now, on Saturday night, the quote is missing.


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