The New York Times are Weasels!

I find this draw dropping. Yesterday, I wrote a critique of a New York Times article. When I prepared to post it today, the quote I used to criticize the article was removed. This is the point: My criticism was that the article was manipulatively convoluted – that the story didn’t really exist as they wrote it. The article acted as a vehicle to allow critics to analyze the ugliness of Xanadu. Fair enough, because that thing is ugly. However, buried down in the article, was an explanation by the architect who designed the building, clarifying that what you see now was never meant to be seen – it was meant to be covered by billboards and other kinds of signs.  That seems to nullify the question of why it is so ugly.

If you don’t believe me that the quote was in there (and honestly, why would I lie about this?) I googled the quote and found this on the website. Notice that that quote does not appear in the article (anymore). Sorry, it’s the best I can do – I hadn’t imagined they’d edit their story this way, so I didn’t bother to save the webpage. Does this say something about the Times that they edited their story in a way that highlights a controversy based on a misunderstanding, instead of clarifying the misunderstanding?

If anyone has a print version of Friday’s story or a cached version, I’d be interested to get a copy as evidence of this change.


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