A Clash of Old and New Technologies …but Mostly Old

I just saw the Internet Cool Guide on a shelf at the Greenberg Public Library. Internet Cool Guide was a start up company circa the turn of the 21st century. It was my first job in publishing, and my first sales job.

Our esteemed editorial staff spent hours scouring the internet looking for the best sites. Like a Zagat’s ,  the book was meant to be updated yearly, so naturally, such a book as written in  2000 is not of much use.   Whenever I mentioned the book to people, they always asked, “What use is a book as a guide to the internet.” We always pointed out that books weren’t going anywhere.

Given that I just saw the book 10 years later in a library, I think our logic was sound.  The library holding out book has survived the website. Although I’m not sure what a 10 year old guide to websites says about the utility of the books contained in the library!A


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