The Old Man from the Mountain is Coming Home

Last year, I went for a hike at North Lake in the Catskills, where I encountered an old man who told me that only three things matter in life: Health, because once your health is gone, you may not be able to get it back; Time, because life goes by faster than you realize, and it too is irreplaceable; and Destiny, because you never know what to expect in the future. Yes, I climbed a mountain and met an old man who told me the meaning of life.

This year, I had no such lucky encounters when I climbed to the top of Slide Mountain – the highest peak in the Catskills. Not only did I not receive wisdom, I almost didn’t get to see a view.  The highest point in the Catskills is surrounded by trees!

I had to climb a tree located a few yards down from the peak in order to get a view.

And it was a phenomenal view. The most remarkable thing about the view was that there was no sign of civilization. The views I’m used to in the Catskills typically overlook the New York Thruway.

Overall, it was a challenging hike – six miles round trip – and the steepest trail I’ve hiked in a long time. On the way down, I saw this interesting sight. I wonder how the tree grew around the rock this way!


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