Always Reminding Us What It’s All About

I was at this show on Friday. Here is a review and setlist from backstreets:

“And it was a good Friday, starting with the house lights staying up right through an opening “Badlands,” the first time anything has preceded “We Take Care of Our Own” in the set. “New York City!” Bruce hollered before kicking back in with the coda, “Are you ready to rumble?!” It’s hard to take a show higher from that kind of blast-off, but a solid show with a number of genuine surprises — and a particularly strong encore — kept the Garden rocking all night.”

I would add that Badlands features a prominent sax solo. Jake Clemons (Clarence’s nephew) has been handling the sax duties, and featuring him in such an important spot right out of the gate elicited an enthusiastic welcome, and kicked the energy level into the stratosphere.

The audience is a major piece of why a Bruce Springsteen show is such an invigorating experience. Watch this clip, and notice how the whole crowd sings along to Thunder Road. Now that’s not a song that most people learn through osmosis. It takes a little bit of work to learn the lyrics, and the structure changes throughout the song. But this is 20,000 people who took the time to learn the song by heart. That’s the dedication of Bruce’s fanbase. And normally, off-key voices like the one that  features in this video (not mine) are drowned out by your own voice belting out the tune!


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