Advice on How to Speak with Authority – Forbes

The conferences I produce are about sharing practical implementations of groundbreaking ideas. As a result, they deliver value by providing a forum for subject experts to share experiences and insights, as opposed to professional speakers. My speakers are often corporate leaders looking to share the lessons they learned while completing an interesting or unique project, and the results. This means that presenting provides a wonderful opportunity to develop or refine your public speaking skills.

Here is an article from Forbes Woman offering tips on how women can project more authority when they speak – although the tips apply to anyone.

A sample:

“Your competition is the attention span,” Jahnke says. Rambling, unfocused speeches will earn you few supporters. A powerful presentation stays on message, is made up of short sentences and few asides, and gets to the point quickly.

If you’re newer to public speaking and it makes you nervous, remember that nothing will make you more comfortable than getting out there and doing. If you are working on a fascinating project or have solved some difficult challenges, you ought to share your accomplishments!


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