The title “That Fireplace Feeling” comes from a song I wrote years ago. As a blog title, it’s meant to evoke the idea of an experience I look forward to several times during the summer: sitting around a campfire with friends, discussing and arguing about issues of the day. Music usually plays in the background (really, how often do you get to listen to music for an extended period of time?) and tongues become looser as the beer stock becomes lighter.

I produce business-to-business conferences for a living – currently as a full-time employee for ExL Pharma. I’m lucky enough to have a job that combines elements of journalism, show business, and entrepreneurship.  Each conference I produce gives me a new vantage point for understanding economics, politics, business, science, and social issues.

I’m a writer at heart, and I look for the interesting angle in every situation.  I live in Westchester NY with my wife and son. I love hiking, biking, running, and all sorts of exercise – if I didn’t love certain foods, I’d probably be in pretty good shape.  I play guitar when I get a chance, and try to write in my blog once in a while.

Perhaps some of the thoughts on this blog will come up around the campfire. Maybe I will see you at a conference or around a campfire soon!

Email my juno.com account at dhoff25


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